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Puccho Soft Candy Chews - PUCHOLS Mix (4 Flavor)

Puccho Soft Candy Chews - PUCHOLS Mix (4 Flavor)


The Puchols are a group of cute and colorful characters who love Puccho! A limited edition variety mix pack of Puccho combining fruits and sodas. The flavors included are Red Grape, Ramune Soda, Peach, and Cola. There are 18 individually wrapped pieces. A random selection of: Crunchy bits with gummy candy and fizzy cool centers. Act fast because they will likely only be around for a short time!

Package design may vary depending on the production run.

88 grams

Puccho has become a huge hit in Japan and there are usually 5-10 different flavors available throughout the year. Mix and match and find your favorite flavors.

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