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Shiroi Koibito - White Chocolate Cookies (12 piece)

Shiroi Koibito - White Chocolate Cookies (12 piece)


Ishiya is a Hokkaido based confectionery company that produces one of the most sought after cookies in all of Japan! There is a rich and creamy, square shaped, piece of white chocolate sandwiched between the lightly toasted, crunchy and buttery flavored thin cookies. The cookie style is known as Langue De Chat (famous in France.) The texture is sublime and the high quality ingredients shine through in every bite.

These Shiroi Koibito (white lover) treats are individually wrapped delicately in the lovely box which also is wrapped in their classic blue snowflake paper. This is a very high-end item which is sold in exclusive locations within Hokkaido. 12 cookies per box. We will choose the freshest cookies for your order which, on average, have a best before date of about 5 months out.

Gross weight of box and cookies is 200 grams

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