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Covid-19 Update

Update: September 12, 2020

Not much has changed during the last half of summer and SAL (economy shipping) is still not available to any country. To most European countries, Canada, and Asia we can use AIRMAIL and EMS through Japan Post. If you live in America or Australia we can only ship via UPS at this time.


We still cannot ship to any of the countries listed HERE via Japan Post.

UPS is available to the USA, Australia, Mexico, and India. There are no delays since UPS has their own shipping network which does not rely on third parties. It takes less than a week to the USA and under 10 days to the other countries.


Update - July 18, 2020

Japan Post (AIR and EMS) : We are happy to hear that most parcels that shipped in April have finally reached their destinations. To date, we are seeing about a 50% delivery on May orders. Thank you for your extreme patience during this unique time where there was a lack of aircraft due to virtually no international tourism. Things are getting better now and estimated delivery times are reducing every week. We suggest you purchase a shipping method with tracking so you have an idea of when your parcel will deliver.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (June 30, 2020)

Japan Post has re-opened shipping routes to two more countries: Italy and New Zealand. Both Airmail and EMS are available from July 1. Welcome back!

The back-log of parcels in Tokyo is almost cleared up, according to Japan Post. This means that those of you who have been patiently waiting for months will likely see your parcels very soon. This pandemic really affected aircraft availability and thus created these massive delays.

UPS is a fast and reliable alternative for delivery to those countries where Japan Post cannot ship to. Currently we use UPS for the United States, Australia, and India. More countries will follow soon.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (June 18, 2020)

Japan Post has re-opened shipping to many European countries (Sweden, Norway, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Poland, name a handful) They accept both AIRMAIL and EMS but still no economy SAL at this point. Thanks for your patience while the pandemic caused suspension of service to your country for 2 months. Shipping times will likely be slower than usual but at least we can get products to you. 

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (June 13, 2020)

There has been no recent announcement from Japan Post regarding when the delivery suspensions will be lifted to certain countries. In the meantime we are rolling out a UPS Express Service to those countries who cannot be serviced by Japan Post.

We are hearing that the back-log of parcels in Tokyo is immense and there are delays of over 2 months for most parcels that shipped from after April 1st. The good news is that some customers have contacted us, this past week, confirming that they finally received their parcels. Also encouraging is that the products arrived fresh and in perfect condition. Thanks for you continued patience and understanding if you do have a parcel stuck in the system.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (May 28, 2020)

We are now using UPS to ship to: USA, Australia, New Zealand. More countries will follow soon. We are focusing on those countries where Japan Post has temporarily suspended service. The UPS Express service includes tracking and takes 4-7 business days on average. Heavier orders with multiple items will see better value in shipping-per-item cost.

We are located in Sapporo so it takes about 2 business days for your order to get to Tokyo via a partner carrier. From there, UPS handles the parcel and gets it out very quickly.

For those who have Japan Post parcels with tracking that shows no movement in weeks... The shortage of aircraft in Tokyo is causing this massive delay. Japan Post has told us: 

"Because of the global reduction of flights, considerable delivery delays are expected for accepted outbound mail items.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience."

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (May 21, 2020)

napaJapan will soon be offering UPS and that will open up shipping to most countries, including the USA and Australia. This will be an express service that should allow delivery within a week to most areas. We are looking to have this set up by the weekend!

Japan Post continues to experience delays in handling and we appreciate your continued patience while they get through the back-log of parcels.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (May 15, 2020)

There have been no new announcements from Japan Post over the past two weeks regarding the shipping restrictions and suspensions. We still cannot ship to the USA or Australia until further notice.

All estimated shipping times due not apply during the Covid crisis. We cannot predict when your parcel will arrive. You can be certain it will arrive later than under normal circumstances.

We are hearing of some USA customers receiving goods two months after ordering. These extreme delays cannot be helped since Japan Post has a huge back-log of parcels and they can only load so many planes per week. Fortunately the goods we offer have freshness dates that extend from mid-summer to late winter. Thanks for you patience during these unique times.

Keep checking back to this space for shipping news as it applies to napaJapan. We will definitely let you know when certain shipping routes are reopened. 

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 30, 2020)

Golden Week Holiday (May 2 - 6) : We cannot ship parcels out until May 7th, when Japan Post reopens after this extended national holiday. This will further put delays on deliveries. Shipping estimates on our site are not accurate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks for your patience as your parcel will eventually arrive.

Shipping status: For parcels already in the postal system, we are hearing of delays of up to a month (both AIR and EMS) as they slowly clear out the back-log in Tokyo. We have no control over these unforeseen circumstances. Thank your for your understanding.

Restrictions: As of this morning there has been no changes to the shipping restrictions put in place on many countries (see past updates below.) We still cannot ship to the USA until further notice.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 23, 2020)

SHIPPING TO THE USA HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED due to logistics issues related to Covid-19. We are all hoping this situation clears up soon but for now we cannot ship to the USA. Please keep checking back for updates. 

All AIR and EMS orders already in the system are expected to deliver, however, they will be VERY LATE (No ETA is given by Japan Post) and this is something we have absolutely no control over. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Fortunately the products we offer are very fresh and have best before dates well into summer and beyond.

Some SAL orders already in the system will be returned to sender. We will let you know as soon as we receive any of these parcels and we will discuss your options through email correspondence.

The postal situation is very fluid and restrictions can change suddenly. As of today (April 23) we can still ship to: UK, Canada, Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Finland, Malaysia. The delivery times to these countries are unknown due to the massive back-log of parcels in the system. We appreciate you patience and understanding.


Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 21, 2020)

There are reports of EMS and AIR taking 2 weeks longer than their usual estimated ship times. We cannot control these delays as the pandemic has created issues throughout the international postal system. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Please read below in case you missed previous updates on shipping...

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 18, 2020)

* No new country restrictions this past week

* Japan Post may take up to a week handling the parcel before it is shipped to your country so please expect long delays with both AIR and EMS.

* napaJapan is backed up about a day due to a heavy demand of orders so we will get your order out within 2-3 business days of receiving payment.

* Some SAL orders that were in the system over the past few weeks may be returned to us due to the pandemic. We will contact you ASAP once we receive any of these parcels so you can determine how you want to proceed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding during this unique time in history. 


Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 9, 2020)

More countries have been added to the official Japan Post list that we cannot ship to at this time. These include Australia, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. <Japan Post link - English>

Shipping to the USA is still OK but they are warning of LONG delays in shipping times. So we cannot guarantee the arrival time of your parcel. America still accepts AIR and EMS for shipping methods. WE ARE STILL OPEN.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 3, 2020)

SAL SHIPPING (economy) has been suspended to all destinations until further notice. We are still OPEN. You can choose AIRMAIL or EMS (to a limited number of countries.) Please expect moderate to long delays due to worldwide shipping network issues. If you have chosen SAL already, we will not be able to ship the parcel until Japan Post resumes this service. You can contact us HERE to get a quote on an upgrade to AIR or EMS if you require a faster service.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (April 2, 2020)

IMPORTANT>>> Many countries have suspended their International parcel acceptance. We have made these changes to our site. If you cannot find your country at checkout it is likely due to the reduction of postal services. CLICK HERE for the April 1, 2020 list of countries that Japan Post cannot ship to at this time.

North America, UK, and Australia orders are still OK but please be patient as they are indicating long delays during this unprecedented time.

Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (March 30, 2020)


All orders placed from today will be shipping out from April 6. Please expect delays in receiving your order. napaJapan is OPEN. Read below for more information on shipping...



Update on Shipping During the Covid-19 Situation (March 29, 2020)

napaJapan is OPEN so feel free to place your order. The distribution supply here in Japan is unaffected regarding the products we offer.

Japan Post is also OPEN and we are currently shipping out orders 5 days a week. This could change suddenly if matters worsen.

There will be moderate to long delivery delays in some countries. Please understand that our shipping estimates are for normal circumstances. The delays will all depend on how your country's postal system is handling international orders. Some post offices are not doing hand-to-hand delivery so we require that you add your phone number. This will allow those post offices to contact you when the parcel arrives.

Some countries have blocked deliveries from Japan completely so we have temporarily removed them from our checkout area. If you cannot find your country at checkout it is likely due to temporary restrictions. Please keep checking back to see when those restrictions are lifted.

The sweets and snacks we offer have very long shelf lives and the freshness dates on most products extend from late summer to winter. Even if your parcel arrives later than anticipated you can be sure of enjoying fresh products.

As stated on our Terms and Conditions page, all sales are final so we will not issue refunds for late deliveries. If parcels are returned to us for any reason, we will let you know immediately. These are circumstances out of everyone's control. Thanks for your patience and your understanding during these difficult times.


J-san (owner of napaJapan)