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Shipping During Covid-19

Here you will find important announcements regarding shipping availability, delays, and restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

September 7, 2022

For our customers in GERMANY, FRANCE and UNITED KINGDOM!! Great news as EMS shipping from Japan has been reinstated. This gives you a faster shipping option of only 7-10 days. We still offer Surface Mail but that can take 2-3 months. 

For those living in Guernsey, Jersey, or Isle of Man...even MORE options are now available as small packet AIRMAIL and EMS has been reinstated!

Update September 8: SURFACE MAIL to Australia has been suspended due to lack of ships, however AIR, EMS, and UPS are shipping options!

This is a positive development as it indicates there are more commercial aircraft available than before. Keep checking this space for more announcements as we hope more shipping options become available to other countries too.


Please note that because of the pandemic there is virtually no commercial aircraft departing Japan. This means that shipping options are very limited. We hope this changes in the near future and regular service is reinstated.
napaJapan is open 365 days a year and continue to list new releases weekly. We ship out 5 days a week (except on national holidays and weekends) so your parcel gets handled promptly. There are delays in the international postal system and we can only give delivery time estimates. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


All of the past Covid-19 Shipping Updates can be found at this LINK in chronological order. Thank you.