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Japanese Bonsai Tree - DIY Candy Kit

Japanese Bonsai Tree - DIY Candy Kit


We love the creativity behind this wonderful Japan themed DIY Candy Kit by Heart! You can create a cute Bonsai Tree made of chocolate soft candy, vanilla flavored sponge cake, and sugar powder. You can even trim the tree to give it your own unique shape. You create it in the included tray. There are 2 tree stump designs which are packaged randomly. Picture instructions on back panel (with Japanese) but YouTube videos can guide you if you get stuck. You will require a microwave oven and refrigerator during the construction process. What a great gift idea for someone who loves all things Japan and also has a sweet tooth!

The tree molding trays are included along with mini plastic scissors, sponge cake branch molds, and sugar snow coating. You will need a mug cup, toothpicks, spoons, and water during the making of this unique kit.

63 grams of ingredients

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