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Glico - Covering The Japanese Candy Spectrum

Ezaki Glico is a giant Japanese food manufacturer that specializes in confectionery, processed foods, and dairy products. Their most internationally famous product is Pocky, a thin cookie stick that is 80% covered in chocolate. Milk chocolate and strawberry are the most common flavors and those are sold worldwide. But when you check out the Pocky line up within Japan you soon realize how many unique flavors, special editions, and formats there are. Every region of Japan has its own specific Pocky flavor! At napaJapan we always carry the latest releases and have a minimum of 12 types available at any given time. 

Pocky Rich CacaoPocky CoconutPocky midi Green TeaPocky Strawberry Tsubu TsubuPocky Crystal Salty

Along the same lines of Pocky but "sans chocolat" is Pretz, a thin seasoned cracker with a light and crispy texture. Most of the time these are meat, sauce, or herb flavored so they would be considered a salty snack. However, from time to time, Glico offers sugary versions of Pretz such as Sweet Potato. You can expect to find at least a half dozen different types at napaJapan.

   Pretz TomatoPretz Sweet Potato

Sticking to the savory snack line up, Glico also offers a few unique products that go well with any cold beverage. Cheeza is a thin, triangular cracker that uses over 50% real cheese powder for flavor. They are extremely rich and have a perfect crunch. They even make alternative versions with avocado and sesame tastes. Customers like the resealable pouches as they are handy to carry along in a bag or pocket.


But if sweetness is your real vice then Glico's cookie and biscuit line up will surely please. Collon has a very unusual name and their look is unlike others in the marketplace. A cylindrical crispy cookie shell wraps a light chocolate center. There are usually a few flavors of Collon available every year. The Caplico cones have a similar chocolate texture but they mimic a real ice cream cone. Simply eat it from the top to the bottom while holding the cookie cone. Freeze dried ice cream is how I best describe it.

This list of Glico confectionery would not be complete without mentioning the product that started it all off nearly 100 years ago. Glico Caramel with the 'running man' on the box is likely the most iconic candy symbol within Japan. If you go to the Dotonburi district in Osaka you can't miss him running in neon. Why not grab a box of the caramels from napaJapan and see what all the fuss is about? I think the heart shaped caramels are delicious but most people love the classic mini wooden toy it comes with. 

Glico Caramel Running Man

napaJapan will always keep on top of all the new candy and snack releases within japan and offer them to the world. Please check back often to see what is new in store. We list products weekly. 


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