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Popin' Cookin' and Other DIY Candy Kits

Bento Kit DIY Candy Kits Kracie Popin' Cookin' Popping Cooking Sushi Candy Kit

The Japanese DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Candy Kit boom went global a few years back. There is still so much interest in these cute, detailed, fun, and edible kits that we constantly are getting messages inquiring about new releases. The good news is that the candy kit manufacturers are extremely cutting edge so they introduce new products every few months. You can check out the whole product line-up here.


Let's start off with what these things are. In most kits you get a package which contains candy powders, molds, a mixing tray, and a spoon. You only need to supply water and in some instances you will require a microwave oven. The powders are mixed to create a gummy like texture and when shaped, create some fabulous, accurate looking mini food products. The most popular kit of all is the O-Sushi-Yasan where you create fruity sushi that looks like tuna, egg, salmon roe along side candy soy sauce, of course!


There are simple kits such as the NeruNeruNeruNe where you basically make a foamy and sticky candy concoction of either soda or grape flavor. In this case you only need a bit of water and you stir the powders until they get frothy. There are sprinkles which make the end result look very appetizing.

The more advanced kits such as the Tsukurou Bento type requires you to make a half dozen mini food items and arrange them in a mini lunch box. Here you must spend more time mixing, kneading, and shaping the ingredients so that they will make your Instagram photo the talk of the town.

On the pack panel of each packet or box there are picture instructions along with Japanese explanations. However, Kracie now provides English instructions on their web site for a selection of products. Also, a quick search on YouTube will give you a lot of easy tutorials no matter what language you are comfortable with.

The kits mentioned above are from Kracie Foods. They are the pioneer when it comes to detailed candy kits. However, there are other companies out there that also produce fun kits. Coris and Heart try to compete by offering smaller, less complicated kits that still have a high cuteness factor. Have a look at these two below.



If you think that these kits are only for kids, please think again! Adults will have just as much fun watching powders instantly turn into perfectly round candy fish eggs. Or perhaps trying to outdo their children by decorating mini donuts with various toppings.

These products make awesome birthday or X-mas gifts for anyone! I encourage you to check back often to this collection of DIY Candy Kits so you are never behind on the latest releases. We update our site weekly. We also take product requests. You can always reach me directly by sending me a message here.

Please let me know what your favorite DIY Candy Kit is and send us a picture or video of your own creations. We will choose some of your submissions to add to our product listings, with a link (if you want a bit of extra social media or site traffic.)

Time to stock up on these products as the holiday season is just around the corner. These kits have a long shelf life so you can save them for a rainy day!

As always, we really appreciate your continued support and love to hear your feedback.


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