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5 Japanese Snacks You Must Try Once

Cheeza Every Burger Fanta Kororo Popin' Cookin' Sushi Candy Kit

Since the Japanese confectionery market is always changing, it is extremely hard to keep up with all of the latest releases. As a casual candy and snack fan, you may come across a rare or unusual flavor only to have it disappear from store shelves within weeks or days. That is how fluid the sweet scene is here in Japan. There are regional exclusives, store exclusives, seasonal editions, and even variations on package appearance and size. This can make it overwhelming for the average consumer to select the perfect Japanese snack.

Japanese Candy Assortment

At napaJapan we often get requests from our customers to put together special random packs because they have no idea where to begin. Our catalog of over 500 products is massive, however it still doesn't cover everything that is available in the marketplace. We try to offer a nice balance of recognized brands, traditional goods, and rare special edition flavors. napaJapan is truly a one-stop-shop for Japanese confectionery products. It would be nearly impossible for you to find all of the products we sell because many of these fresh items have already been discontinued. The long shelf life on Japanese candy allows you to stock up on your favorites because who knows if they will be released again.

I have come up with five Japanese snacks you must try at least once. Since there are so many confectionery categories I have chosen the top product in these five genres: Cookies/Chocolate, Gummy Candy, DIY Candy Kits, Salty Snacks, and Soda Pop. Of course we do offer other types of delicious products so be sure to browse our products by category. The products I have chosen are available year round.


#1 - Every Burger Chocolate Cookie Snack

Once you get past the cute packaging you are introduced to the most adorable little snacks all sealed up in the inner foil bag. The manufacturer, Bourbon, spared no detail as the bun cookies even have sesame seeds on them and are partially glazed to give them an accurate grilled appearance. The 'meat' patty is made of milk chocolate while the 'cheese' slice is made of beige/white chocolate. They have a wonderful crunchy texture and the flavor is fantastic.


#2 - Kororo Fruit Gummy Candy

This has got to be the oddest gummy candy you will ever try. Texture! It is all about the texture. Imagine an overripe grape that is just about to burst its skin. These gummy candies have the "water balloon" feeling and when you bite into them a rich fruity rush of grape flavor fills your mouth. Quite an outstanding eating experience. Available in a few flavors at any given time. Both red grape and green grape are standard flavors.


#3 - Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi Candy Kit

This product is a must for a rainy day. There are now over two dozen types of DIY candy kits. napaJapan carries them all HERE. The Sushi Kit is special because it is the one that ignited the Kracie Candy Kit boom. In the box you get powders, trays, and tools that allow you to make realistic, edible, mini candy sushi. All you need to do is add water for this particular kit. You can get English instructions HERE. There are a few easy techniques to create tuna, egg, and even salmon row. The main flavor is grape.


#4 - Cheeza - Real Cheese Crackers

The packaging on these does not scream 'Must Try!" however if you have been lucky enough to try them you will know what the fuss is all about. There is no fake cheese flavor found here. Over 50% of the cheese flavor comes from real cheese powder. This gives these triangular crunchy crackers so much taste. They are ridiculously addictive and they pair up so well with any cold beverage. These are usually sold in Cheddar and Camembert Cheese versions. You will also find limited edition versions from time to time so keep checking back.


#5 - Fanta Melon Soda

This is a very exclusive soda flavor, even within the borders of Japan! The full melon taste immediately comes through when sipping this bright green soda. It is so appealing both visually and gastronomically. It tastes so wonderful over ice cream too! Shipping bottles of soda from Japan can get expensive due to weight so you may want to add lighter candy products to offset the higher shipping costs.


After coming up with this list I remembered so many other products that should get honorable mentions. Since these five products only make up 0.5% of our catalog there are surely a bunch more hidden gems that are calling your name. napaJapan also carries chewing gum, mints, soft candy, hard candy, sweetened coffee & tea, potato chips, and much, much more! Please let me know your favorite Japanese sweets, snacks, or beverages. We do take product requests so feel free to drop us a line anytime!


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