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Hi-Chew - A Japanese Candy Pioneer

Hi Chew Hi Chu Morinaga Starburst

Since 1975, Morinaga's Hi Chew has been pleasing mouths, both young and old. It was created as an alternative to chewing gum as Japanese culture frowned upon removing food from the mouth after beginning to eat. On a consumer level, food is rarely wasted or discarded so there was a market for a candy that had lasting time, yet could also be digested.

Hi-Chew Cranberry Blueberry

Even in the early years, tourists would stock up on these popular candy chews. Hi Chew differs from a lot of candy found outside of Japan. It is not so hard on the teeth like a typical chewy caramel. Plus, they have very accurate flavors without adding too much sweetness, avoiding that sickening artificial taste. Each rectangular shaped piece has a two tone look, usually white on the outside with the color of the fruit on the inside. There are many variations though, especially on the Japanese releases.

Hi-Chew Banana

If you think you have tried the whole Hi Chew menu, you may be wrong. Morinaga has also released Premium types which utilize real fruit juice and have a harder shell. There are also mini chews that are an assorted fruit collection. When you travel around Japan you will likely come across exclusive regional versions such as Hokkaido Yubari Melon, where napaJapan is located. Also, you can sample multiple flavors in one pack as variety bags are released a few times each year.

Hi-Chew Hokkadio MelonHi-Chew Premium Grape

Recently the popularity of Hi Chew exploded past Japanese borders into dozens of countries. The international flavors are not so exotic when compared to the tastes and varieties available in Japan. That is why napaJapan provides the whole product line-up and delivers throughout the world. Please come by and see what is in store today. We always have over 20 different flavors and varieties!

Hi-Chew Mini Fruit Mix

Please feel free to leave a comment below about your favorite Hi Chew flavor, or why not tell us what flavor you would love to see Morinaga create.

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